English Bulldog Vivy's natural talent
has led her to many starring roles, including a tv spot,
an appearance on America's Funniest Home Videos, appearances in ads, and of
course, the english bulldog greeting cards.

Vivian was born May 27,1994 in Denver. She came into Jan's life at the tender
age of six weeks. Vivy was the cutest little creature she'd ever seen. Vivy was so
adorable, Jan took her everywhere. But it soon became apparent that there was
something amiss with the young pup. Her breathing seemed too difficult and she
became listless. She took her to a nearby vet who recommended Jan put her down.
Well, that wasn't going to happen!!

Thus began a odyssey for Jan and Vivy that would last for years. Not accepting the
diagnosis, Jan frantically searched for a vet who could cure young Vivy. Many attempts were made that gave short term relief for the dog's recurring pneumonia type symptoms.

At one point Jan had to give Vivy pills that she was not to handle with bare hands as
they could prove fatal to the touch. That was the last straw. Vivy was six months old and had racked up thousands in vet bills. Jan finally found Dr Loyer at Referral Vet Services. The cardio specialist vet took on the case and was able to diagnose and cure the young dog.

The experience was so compelling to Jan that she wrote a bulldog health book about all the health conditions to look for in your bulldog. You can read about it at www.bulldoghealth.com

She is an exceptionally fit and muscular English Bulldog, weighing a trim 42 pounds. She is very active and enjoys her walks, splashing around in the local fountain (no she can’t swim), and chewing her bones.

Vivy has been modeling her whole life, having posed for ads as well as Ms. Oswald’s promotional t-shirts and, of course, the English Bulldog greeting card series. She now graces coffee mugs, calendars, and more.

Vivy's been in art shows! Her Gargoyle image (#009) won Best of Colorado at the Art Show at the Dog Show in 1998. She has ventured into video, having been featured in the opening sequence on America’s Funniest Home Videos in 1998-2001. She has been filmed posing for a card design on nbc affiliate 9News. One of her cards is a finalist in the 2001-2002 Louie Awards.

Regarding Vivy, Jan says, “She was a natural talent from the beginning, so incorporating her into studio ‘shoots’ was easy. If we roll out a background and turn on the lights, Vivy trots on over and starts posing!”

Read all about us!!!: Vivy has been featured in articles in The Denver Post, the
Rocky Mountain News
, The Cherry Creek Times
. She also was featured posing for one of her cards, on NBC local station KUSA Channel 9 News and the spot was distributed to affiliates nationwide - click here to see Vivy on tv! - be patient! it may take a while to load!

Sadly, Vivy passed away just shy of her 12th birthday, of natural causes. She has left quite a legacy of photos and of course this website devoted to English Bulldogs everywhere.

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